These women took a chance on themselves, and in this Heels to Deals anthology, they motivate young women everywhere to do the same—take a chance—because they already have within them precisely what it takes to achieve their goals, reach their marks, and dominate the B2B sales world.

ISBN: 978-1-953315-18-2 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-953315-19-9 (eBook)

Publisher: BMcTALKS Press (March 8, 2022)

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Compiled by: Heidi Solomon-Orlick

FOREWORD by Jill Konrath

FOREWORD by Lori Richardson

LETTER TO THE READER by Samantha McKenna

LETTER TO THE READER by Farnoosh Brock

INTRODUCTION: “Becoming” is the Journey by Heidi Solomon-Orlick


  • Set New Standards of Performance by ALICE KEMPER
  • Convert Conversations into Currency by PRECIOUS WILLIAMS
  • Try to Genuinely Help Others by STELLA IKHNANA
  • FEAR—Face Everything and Rise by SHAWANDA ROBERTS
  • Be Your Authentic Self by CAITLYN GILL
  • A Life of Service is One You will Never Regret by LORI DUNN
  • Don’t Take the Quota as Your Target by SHRUTI KAPOOR
  • Start with a Verb by TONI PORTMANN
  • Work Smart to Control Your Destiny by ANNIE ROCHE (MEWBORN)
  • Ask and Solve by BRYNNE TILLMAN
  • Defy Stereotypes to Make It Happen by KATHERINE McCONNELL
  • Enter for the Money but Stay for the Relationships by SANDY ZHEN
  • You Don’t Have to Do It Alone by VICKI GURNEY
  • You Determine Your Path by JEN FERGUSON
  • Thrive on Making it Happen by AMELIA TAYLOR
  • Rejection is Evident but Quitting is Optional by NATASHA D’SOUZA
  • Become a Beacon of Knowledge by JENNIFER IVES
  • Earn the Right to Ask for the Business by JENNY ANDERSON-FRASIER
  • Great Sellers Follow a Process by LIZ HEIMAN
  • Turn Impossible into I’mPossible by MESHELL BAKER
  • Discover What Makes You Exceptional by WESLEYNE GREER
  • B2B is Human-to-Human by ANITA NIELSEN
  • Don’t Shy Away from This Profession by CHANTEL GEORGE
  • Prepare to Go from Zero to Shero by JANICE B GORDON
  • Stand Up and Make Noise by MEGAN KILLION
  • Don’t Get Mad.  Get Curious. by CHRISTINA BRADY
  • Find New Hopes and Dreams and Forge a New Path by GINNETTE BAKER
  • Take a Chance on Yourself Now by LESLIE VENETZ

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